Citrix updates DesktopPlayer for both Mac and Windows

Citrix has released an update to their DesktopPlayer for both Mac and Windows versions.

DesktopPlayer for Mac version 2.1.4 has the following new features:

Support for OSX 10.11

This release adds support for OSX 10.11. It is recommended that users upgrade to this version before upgrading to OSX 10.11.

Client OS Report to Synchronizer

Starting with this release, clients will report their host OS type (Windows 7, OSX 10.10, etc) to the Synchronizer. Administrators can view this information on the Synchronizer in the computer summary tab starting with Synchronizer release 5.7.2.

DesktopPlayer for Windows version 2.1.2 has the following new features:

This release provides fixes for the following problems:

Windows Media Player does not display video properly; a black screen may be observed.

VLC Player crashes on a Windows 7 VM with Aero turned on. Virtual serial ports stop working when Kaspersky Antivirus is installed in the host.