Citrix Branch Repeater Release 6.2.2 released


Citrix Branch Repeater Release 6.2.2 is a maintenance software for release 6.2. This software maintenance release contains support for new hardware platforms CloudBridge-2000, CloudBridge-3000 and  bug fixes. It is compatible with Branch Repeater appliances running release 5.0 and later; it can be used in a mixed environment that include units running older releases.

Software Release Highlights in 6.2.2

  • Customer Bug Fixes
  • Support for new hardware platforms (CloudBridge-2000, CloudBridge-3000)
  • Two New Hardware Platforms—CloudBridge 2000 and CloudBridge 3000. The Citrix CloudBridge 2000 and 3000 hardware platforms are 1U accelerators for use in datacenters and larger branch offices. These platforms offer a wide range of features, communication ports, and processing capacities. Both the platforms have multicore processors. The CloudBridge 2000 can be thought of as a faster Repeater 8500 with two accelerated bridges, while the CloudBridge 3000 can be thought of as a faster Repeater 8800 with three accelerated bridges.
  • New management GUI for the above platforms.

Please note that there are no changes in other packages (SVM, NS-VPX, BR-SDX or BR VPX base and AMI images)

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