Citrix Project GoldenGate released for download

GoldenGate is part of the mobility explorations that Citrix Labs has been undertaking in 2010. All with the specific view to take our mobile capabilities to the next level. After all, Citrix has long delivered mobile Receivers for a wide range of platforms that allow unmodified Windows applications to display on mobile devices. The investigations we are running in Citrix Labs are around new ways to help Enterprise IT deliver targeted applications for the increasingly diverse set of mobile devices that are entering the marketplace. In summary, Citrix Labs is exploring three mobile market trends:

  1. The Micro App: A Micro App is an application purpose-built for completing a focused task on a small form factor touch device. With Smartphones becoming the primary internet access device over the next few years, the Micro App becomes an important productivity tool.
  2. Secure mobility: Pressure to access corporate information from mobile devices is creating a new generation of security concerns.
  3. Device independence: Corporate IT is struggling to deliver uniform apps and content to the increasing and fragmented range of mobile device platforms.

We are entering a brave new world where mobile devices are the norm, not the exception, where the combination of ubiquitous wireless coverage and intuitive touch enabled devices with operating systems like iOS from Apple and Android from Google are driving up both end user expectations and usage of these devices. AND these devices are increasingly finding their way into the corporation, much to the frustration of IT departments who are struggling to both secure and control information that is accessed and stored on these devices.

So at Citrix Labs we have been closely watching these trends and have developed Project GoldenGate into what I call a “lighthouse” application. One that shows the way of what is possible by using standard windows development tools such as Visual Studio and building “Micro Apps” for friendly access from mobile devices.

So what specifically is GoldenGate?

  • An Exchange email client that runs on Citrix XenApp
  • Optimized for small screens with touch being the primary interface
  • Automatically adjusts screen layout for iPhone and Android platforms
  • Solves data leakages challenges as no data transits to the local device

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Click here to download Citrix Project GoldenGate