Citrix Receiver for Android version 1.1 released for download

The version 1.0 of the Receiver was feature rich, but that just wasn’t enough! Citrix has really pushed the boundaries and added the following in v1.1;

• Application list caching on the device: No more need to wait while your application list downloads each time you connect.
• Support for a variety of new user configuration options including the ability to specify session size, display modes, screen orientation, and others.
• Support for large screen devices.
• Support for Access Gateway new PIN mode and next tokencode mode: With Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition, you can now change your PIN or provide the next tokencode from your device. With Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Edition you are notified that the PIN needs to be changed or the next tokencode required.
• Support for changing expired domain passwords: If your domain password expires you can change it directly from Receiver.
• Session reliability: If your wifi or 3G network drops, the Citrix Receiver will attempt to reconnect in the background while your session stays visible.

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