VM6 Softwares Release of VM6 VMex 2.1 Makes Virtualization Attainable and Affordable for SMBs and Remote Offices

VM6 Software, Inc., provider of the only all-in-one IT virtualization infrastructure software, today announced the general availability of its latest product release, VM6 VMex 2.1, the only solution that combines virtualization with shared storage, advanced clustering and intuitive management and monitoring. Based on industry and customer feedback, VM6 VMex 2.1 continues to make virtualization more easily accessible for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and remote offices worldwide.

VM6 VMex fully leverages the benefits of virtualization to manage, provision, consolidate and protect distributed servers and desktop environments at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. VM6 VMex eliminates the need for SMBs to centralize infrastructure, hire and train specialized experts, and integrate expensive multi-point solutions for server and desktop virtualization, high availability, storage and management.

Key additions in the release of VM6 VMex 2.1 include:

•   High availability and storage recovery enhancement: Includes a multi-array hub-witness that improves protection against unexpected crashes caused by power outages of entire sites. This also eliminates the need for manual intervention, which is required by competitive products to respond to certain crash scenarios.
•   Simplified event monitoring: Sends VM6 VMex 2.1 administrators event monitoring via e-mail. The configuration and management of alerts is now more integrated than in any other product on the market.
•   Storage-integrated dashboard: Fully integrated dashboard inside the storage virtualization manager section provides all the information administrators need to understand the state of any storage virtualization object.
•   Virtual desktop session manager: Management interface enables monitoring of VDI sessions and includes a fully integrated dashboard, allowing users to view session state or reset sessions.

“VM6 VMex 2.1 changes the face of virtualization by providing a solution that many SMBs have previously thought to be out of reach because of costs and complexity. By addressing a wide range of application needs, VM6 VMex 2.1’s innovative architecture will help break through these boundaries and bring virtualization to all organizations,” said Claude Goudreault, founder and CEO of VM6 Software. “These additional features offer our customers a cost-effective alternative to typical virtualization solutions with greater efficiency.”

Olivier Martin, president of Noxent, a VM6 Software partner and customer that specializes in outsourcing for the SMB market said, “When working with software vendors, it is important for service providers like us to work with vendors who welcome transparency and openness in communications between themselves, partners and customers. S ince its inception, VM6 Software has listened to the needs of customers and partners when developing products. The transparency of VM6 VMex 2.1 allows Noxent to leverage the technology internally and recommend VM6 Software solutions to our customers, while also making the product more appealing for the SMB market.”

VM6 VMex 2.1 will be generally available on June 7, 2010.

Additional VM6 Software information:

About VM6 Software
VM6 Software provides the only scalable all-in-one IT infrastructure software solution designed to offer all the benefits of virtualization without the associated complexity and costs. VM6 Software solves the most pressing virtualization management needs including virtual shared storage, advanced clustering, federated desktop virtualization and integrated management and monitoring. VM6 Software leverages Microsoft Hyper-V to create a single solution for provisioning, consolidating, managing and protecting all workloads without the need for expensive hardware or storage area networks (SANs). Companies worldwide use VM6 software to protect and maintain service levels across their remote offices and IT environments. VM6 Software is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For more information, visit www.vm6software.com.