Citrix Receiver for Linux now optimized for HDX

Citrix has released a new version of the Citrix Receiver for Linux, it enhances the HDX capabilities available to Linux users to provide a full high definition user experience and enable Linux thin clients to earn the HDX Ready designation.

Here are some of the new features in the 11.100 release:

Enhanced USB Support

The range of USB devices that users can interact with during a XenDesktop or XenApp session has been extended. Supported devices now include those requiring isochronous data transfer, such as Webcams, dictation devices, microphones, speakers, headsets, and soundcards.

Webcam support. The 11.100 client adds isochronous USB redirection, supporting webcams for LAN-connected users. This enables users to fully participate in video conferences using applications such as Microsoft Office Communicator, Adobe Connect and others. Isochronous USB also provides an alternative to Bidirectional Audio for devices such as USB telephones which require signaling in addition to the audio path.

Dynamic Client Drive Mapping

Dynamic client drive mapping enables users to interact with storage devices connected to the client during a XenDesktop or XenApp session automatically, without the need to manually map their mount points in advance.

HDX Plug-n-Play Multi-Monitor Support

Multi-monitor support is now more flexible as it allows users’ particular multiple monitor configurations to be reflected in their virtual desktop. For example, users can configure their XenDesktop environment with L-shaped, T-shaped and U-shaped monitor configurations or with monitors of different sizes and resolutions.

Command line support for multi-monitor configurations has also been added.

Support for Citrix Branch Repeater

Integration with Branch Repeater using a new variant of the Thinwire protocol provides improved levels of graphics compression, optimizing the user experience and reducing the amount of time taken to cache and re-use graphics between sessions.

Improved Audio Performance

Support for new audio codecs has been added. These provide enhanced high definition and speech-optimized audio and in most cases use less bandwidth than previous audio codecs.

Improved Image Handling

Support for a new Thinwire image codec has been added. This provides improved image compression and adds support for the Use Heavyweight Compression option in XenDesktop.

Support for HDX 3D Pro Graphics