Citrix Receiver for Playbook is out

The Technology Preview of Citrix Receiver for RIM Playbook is finally here!

While this is only a tech preview — think of it as a more robust beta — it will deliver the same value you’ve come to expect from Citrix and the broad range of Citrix Receiver clients. Not only can you now get easy store-like access to your virtual apps and desktops but Citrix has been careful to make sure that the coherent features including robust HDX support, multi-touch capabilities and in Receiver app multi-tasking capabilities that took a while to mature on the other platforms are there from the beginning for Playbook users. (One thing that it doesn’t currently support however is multi-factor authentication. Citrix is working on adding that functionality for V.1 by the end of September.)

Among the Citrix Receiver capabilities the Playbook distribution supports access to virtual computing infrastructure and seamless access, utilizing your enterprise SSO infrastructure, to SaaS and web apps as well.

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