How to capture screenshots from Citrix XenClient

In order to capture the screen from a XenClient enabled machine you need to take a status report, where you can elect to include screenshots (of Citrix Receiver and all running VMs).

Here is how to generate a XenClient status report:


  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + t to access the console in the Citrix Receiver for XenClient UI, and enter the password you created during the XenClient installation process.
  2. Run the status-report command: status-report
  3. Type yes to include screenshots in the status report or no to suppress the creation of screenshots, and press Enter.
  4. Please enter a short (8 words or less) title as a summary of the problem you have encountered, and press Enter.
  5. Please enter a more detailed description of of the problem you have encountered, and press Enter twice when done.
  6. Please enter the steps you think are required to reproduce the problem. Press Enter twice when done.
  7. Make sure that the machine is connected to a network, either wired or wireless.
  8. Run the status-server command: status-server
  9. Use a web browser on another machine or in a VM to download the status report from the URL indicated by the status-server command.
  10. Press Enter to shut down the status server.
  11. Include the status report file with any query to a support representative.