XenClient Project Thunder Tech Preview

Citrix has officially released XenClient Enterprise Project Thunder Technology Preview 2.

This Technology Preview provides new features and improvements focusing on personalization of user applications, support for Windows 8 and better user experience. It includes:

  • Personal Virtual Disk (PvD)
  • Improved display support for Windows 8 shared VMs
  • Improved wireless roaming
  • Support for new hardware platforms (Haswell-based systems)

This Technology Preview has been qualified on a small number of pre-production Intel Haswell platforms. Please work with Citrix support to qualify new hardware with XenClient Enterprise Technology Preview 2.

  • Support for USB2 devices in USB3 controllers6
  • Improvements and updates to Synchronizer, including:
    • support for the latest Tomcat and 64-bit JVM release
    • an improved UI with greater Browser support (Chrome, Firefox and Safari)
    • simplified UI elements to support localization
    • support for Windows Server 2012 (this support does not extend to the Engine as a VM operating system)

Improvements in user experience

This Technology Preview enhances the user experience by:

  • Providing support for new Windows 8 WDDM driver. The new Windows 8 WDDM driver improves the display experience by:
    • providing multi-monitor support
    • supporting native resolutions across the different monitors
    • enabling AERO within the VMs
    • enabling multi-touch within the VM
  • supporting devices with Intel®’s 4th generation processors (Haswell)
  • improving video and sound synchronization
  • implementing faster boot times
  • improving support for USB2 devices plugged into USB 3.0 ports

Resolved Synchronizer Issues

This Technology Preview provides a number of fixes and enhancements to Synchronizer, including:

  • numerous localization improvements
  • updates to the VM creation Wizard to support PvD

In addition to these new features, a number of enhancements were made to XenClient. This is a “Technology Preview” release and is not intended for production deployment. Back up  your data prior to installing this Technology Preview release.

Learn more here ( requires a valid subscription for XenDesktop or XenClient) or click here to sign up for the tech preview