The ultimate How to guide for BYOD Projects

Remember MIAB? Well, my good friend Doug Brown has done it again. I’ve had the pleasure of reading it before it came out, and you will be amazed on the detail that Doug goes into. The ebook covers all the aspects of XenClient and the DesktopPlayer for MAC from Citrix, and features step-by-step with clicks and views on how to setup the whole BYOD line up! If you are reading one ebook this spring, this is it!

With the How To: BYOD Project Volume 1 e-book, you’ll get to learn everything there is to know about Citrix XenClient and DesktopPlayer for MAC.

The Free 350 page soup-to-nuts ‘How To: BYOD Project Volume 1′ e-book will teach you:

  • How to install and configure Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac 1.1, soup-to-nuts…
  • How to install and configure Citrix XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer 5.1.1.
  • How to install and configure Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
  • How to install and configure Hyper-V for use with the Citrix Synchronizer.
  • How to prepare the environment for installation.
  • How to train end-users to use the new DesktopPlayer for Mac solutions.
  • Detailed Citrix Synchronizer Policies section.
  • Detailed Citrix Synchronizer administration tasks explained.
  • Citrix Synchronizer backup and recovery explained.
  • How to create & maintain Synchronizer virtual machines.
  • 350 pages of step-by-step, soup-to-nuts, and easy as 1,2,3

Click here to learn more and download Doug’s How To: BYOD Project Volume 1′ e-book

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