Citrix releases NxTop Enterprise 4.0.8

Citrix’s recent acquisition of Virtual Computer will bring the strengths of the two preeminent client hypervisor technologies together in a single solution…XenClient Enterprise.   This combination will accelerate the pace of client virtualization innovation and customer success.

NxTop uses client virtualization to make PC’s more flexible, manageable, reliable and secure, without sacrificing the end-user’s computing experience.  The download for NxTop Enterprise below provides a glimpse into the future of XenClient Enterprise.

Issues resolved in this release:

The following NxTop Engine issues were identified in a previous release and have been resolved at this release.

Platform becomes unresponsive

In the previous release, the platform would become unresponsive when requesting a diagnostic report using the NxTop Engine bug reporting applet while a backup was scheduled for upload. This issue has been resolved.

NumLock flashing multiple times

In some cases, the NumLock state could get out of sync with the keyboard indicator LED, causing it to flash repeatedly with a single key press.

Hardware Compatibility

The technical specifications, platform requirements, and compatible hardware for each component are found on the hardware compatibility list.

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