Citrix updates XenClient XT to version 3.1

XenClient XT is a secure client hypervisor with management support. XenClient XT 3.1.0 includes a number of new features, security and isolation enhancements, and robustness improvements.


What’s new in this release

This release features a number of general reliability and robustness improvements in a number of areas, as well as new XenClient and Synchronizer functionality. Some of the highlights of this release are listed below:

  • Windows 8 support as a virtual machine.
  • Improved Measured Launch configuration experience and robustness: removing the need to use the commandline to set up the product to use TXT and the TPM, as wel as broader hardware compatibility and reliability.
  • API improvements: A number of new features are exposed to service VMs, including the ability to request user attention, provision of a random data source from domain 0, access to the APIs from Windows VMs, and firewall control.
  • Greater VM and platform configurability from Synchronizer: prevent access to the local terminal, deliver and boot VMs from ISO images, ability to prevent users from changing VM policy of synchronized VMs.
  • Non-platform Synchronizers, allowing administrators to configure a Synchronizer to be unable to modify platform settings or upgrade the platform software.

These features extend the management and isolation improvements introduced in XenClient XT 3.0.

To learn more click here to download and view documentation for XenClient XT 3.1 (requires a valid account)


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