Citrix releases Provisioning Services 5.6 SP 1

Citrix has releases Service Pack 1 for Provisioning Services 5.6.

Here is a quick overview of what’s new to this release:

New in this Release

  • Microsoft Volume Licensing Automation
  • Both KMS and MAK models for Operating Systems are supported, as well as Office 2010 KMS licensing.

Deprecated in this Release

  • MarkDown command for Server parameter as well as the “Mark Server Down…” selection in the Provisioning Services Console.
  • Support for Windows 2000 Domain.

Removed in this Release
XenConvert is no longer shipping as part of the PVS Target Device installer. It is available as a separate download


Issues Fixed in this Release:

Active Directory

  1. In the “Add System Groups” dialog, users can now specify a full path, with wildcard support, to specify which user groups to display. For example, “test.local/users/u*” might return the “test.local/users/users” group. Likewise, using “test.local/*/u*” or “test*/u*” or “u*” might also be used as a search string for groups.
  2. GetGroups fails if parent domain DC is blocked by a firewall.
  3. Display AD return code if error during AD operation.
  4. We can now resolve Group names across domains and forests.

During installation of the TFTP server on a separate server the installation process returns failure.


  1. Ensure that all PVS servers in a farm have the same Advanced Settings. Added “Set Max Transmission Unit” menu choice to the Site node. This menu item is only available to Site and Farm Administrators. It opens a dialog that has a control like the one in the Server Advanced Properties dialog. The control is initialized with the value found for the first Server. The user can set a new value, and all of the Servers will be updated with the value selected. Since some Servers may fail the setting, a Partial error will be displayed if any fail being set. The ioBurstSize is adjusted if needed for the new value of the maxTransmissionUnits.
  2. Allow longer server names in PVS Console login dialog. The new limit is 255 bytes.
  3. Need to disable “Back” and “Done” during operations in StoreManagement Wizard.
  4. PVS Console display fields are too small to accommodate long AD names.

Configuration Wizard
Configuration Wizard does not automatically set server’s properties to AD if the system is already in an AD.

Imaging Wizard
Support copying NTFS hardlinks properly. This substantially reduces imaging time and also improves imaging progress estimation.

Volume Licensing
Office 2010 activation-KMS license.

Wake-on-LAN (WOL)
A PVS server with 2 NICs in seperate subnets is not sending out WOL packets to both subnets.

Database Offline
DB Offline is putting too much stress on the SQL server and causing the PVS Console to crash.

Target Device – Windows

  1. Status tray ICON still appearing after “Hide Status Tray” is checked.
  2. Bootstrap not sending Traffic to correct gateway.
  3. Pagefile warnings and failure to place page file on client‟s local HD when multiple partition structure exists with largest partition non NTFS. For all target devices to support DedicatedDumpFile feature properly, all local hard disk storage controllers must be set to the same operating mode, i.e., all are ATA or AHCI mode.
  4. BNIStack event log reports errors during protocol processing, events 99 to 138 should not report into the event log.

Target Device – Linux

  1. Imaging stalls on RHEL 5.2 and 5.3 x86_64 when imaging progress at 95%.
  2. Long delay in bringing up device’s properties if the device is active and running a Linux vdisk.
  3. System freezes while imaging Centos 5.3 x86 with default kernel.

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