Citrix releases XenDesktop 7.5 System Center Service Template Tech Preview

The Citrix XenDesktop 7.5 System Center Virtual Machine Manager Service Template provides administrators with a repeatable and consistent way to deploy XenDesktop infrastructure components. The Service Template uses the SCVMM service model deployment process to provision machines, install XenDesktop server roles, and perform the initial configuration of a new XenDesktop site. This can be useful for simple proof-of-concept deployments as well as larger deployments that require scaling-out for added capacity. Before you begin, review the Admin Guide and then download the Citrix XenDesktop System Center Service Template zip file and the Citrix Provisioning Services System Center Service Template zip file.

How it works

The Service Template is a feature introduced in VMM 2012. It supports modeling and managing a distributed enterprise application as a unit rather than as individual machines. After importing a Service Template into a VMM Library, a VMM Cloud User, Delegated Administrator, or Administrator can provision the entire XenDesktop infrastructure by deploying a single template. This template instantiates and configures the various server roles of a XenDesktop deployment. When you need additional capacity to support additional desktops, the Service owner can scale out the necessary tier that is provisioned and configured in the XenDesktop Site. 

Click here to download the XenDesktop 7.5 System Center Service Template Tech preview

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