Citrix releases XenDesktop VDA Farm Changer Tool

When reproducing XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent issues in a lab environment it can be a time-consuming task to make frequent changes to VDA settings, such as changing its farm membership, checking VDA and ICA software versions, and viewing other pertinent information such as current farm, registered DDC, Desktop Group, hostname, IP address, and so on

To aide in the speed and accuracy of changing and displaying VDA settings, we’ve developed a tool to help with the reproduction process. This tool can scan Active Directory to find available Farms, provide a dropdown list of the available farms along with the ability to change farm membership, displays current farm membership, displays VDA and/or ICA client version, provides an interface to all VDA system services along with service status, and provides other data points and frequently used shortcuts for VDA management.


XenDesktop VDA 3 and later
NET Framework 3.5 and later
Administrative rights

Click here to download and read more about the XenDesktop VDA Farm Changer Tool