Citrix XenApp 6.5 in the Cloud

Here is how to create a XenApp 6.0 server in Amazon EC2. Now that XenApp 6.5 is released, some folks might want to build XA 6.5 in the cloud. We have already built a “ready to use” XenApp server in Amazon EC2. You can Just search for the AMI ID ami-6b994802 and launch it.

The following are the instructions to create your own XenApp 6.5 server in the cloud. The instructions are for the Amazon EC2 Cloud, although they could be adapted for use with any cloud provider.

Creating a XenApp 6.5 Server in the cloud (Amazon EC2 for example):

Windows Prep

  • Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Console
  • Select the Amazon EC2 Tab
  • Select Images –> AMIs
  • View Amazon Images
  • Search for WIndows Platforms –> 2008R2
    • XenApp 6.5 runs on Windows 2008R2
  • Launch the AMI
    • Make sure you launch it in the same Availability Zone as your other AMI’s and volumes
  • Right-Click to Get Administrator Password
  • RDP to the instance (command prompt, mstsc /admin)
  • Change password (Administrative Tools –> Computer Management –> Users –> <user> right click –> Set Password.
  • Set Ec2Config Service Settings. Program Files –> Amazon –> Ec2ConfigSetup –> Ec2ConfigServiceSettings.exe.
    • Uncheck (disable) Set Computer Name.
    • Uncheck (disable) Initialize Drives
    • Uncheck (disable) Set Password, both random and feature after sysprep.
  • Set Computer Name. My Computer –> right click –> Properties –> Computer Name –> Change –> <new computer name>.
    • You will use this hostname to apply for a XenApp license, so make note of it.
  • Restart.

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