Citrix XenDesktop Masterclass Video Series Now Available

The XenDesktop Masterclass covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to XenDesktop 5
  • Running a XenDesktop 5 Proof of Concept / Pilot
  • Architecture – Server Side
  • Architecture – Client Side
  • Management Consoles
  • Database
  • Scalability

Part 1 covers the following content: The simplified Deployment and Administration of XenDesktop 5 The basic overview of the XenDesktop 5 Architecture Deployment Examples How to run a Proof Of Concept

Part 2: The second of the XD5 Master Class series contains the following topics: The XenDesktop architecture Component Communication


Part 3: The third part of the XD5 Master Class series contains: Machine Creation Services -The Database – Troubleshooting

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