ControlUp Insights with better Analytics for Hybrid Clouds

New Platform Delivers Interactive Reports that Empower IT Administrators With Unprecedented Visibility and Control of Hybrid Cloud Workloads

ControlUp has announced that they have released  a new product called ControlUp Insights, a new, innovative SaaS offering that provides collective analytics, interactive historical reports and control of hybrid cloud applications.

For the first time, ControlUp’s collective analytics enables  IT administrators, to not only compare their IT operations historically for their own baselines , but also to compare to similar IT infrastructures.  This unique functionality is critical to help IT departments set realistic goals and contain costs.

Asaf Ganot, Founder and CEO of ControlUp, says that “ControlUp Insights was designed to provide clear visibility and powerful control of hybrid cloud operations,” .“CIOs want to know how their infrastructure’s KPIs compare to similar organizations. Collective analytics are enormously helpful when it comes to setting goals and expectations, making informed purchasing decisions and knowing that operations are running optimally, as benchmarked against industry norms.”

ControlUp Real-time is used by more than 500 enterprise customers today to monitor, analyze and directly remediate problems with powerful dashboards, root cause analysis and an extensive library of community-sourced scripts that solve common issues IT administrators encounter. With the launch of ControlUp Insights, the company now offers a platform that adds historical, interactive reports that empower IT personnel.  Combined with collective analytics metrics, these reports ensure that IT investments are optimized, SLAs are met, and end users are kept fully productive.

ControlUp Insights capabilities include:

  • Collective Analytics – Unique collective analytics provide IT administrators with the ability to compare their performance, availability and asset utilization with thousands of similar IT infrastructures to guide them in setting goals and expectations, making purchasing decisions and knowing that operations are running optimally.
  • Live Reports – Simple to install, configure and use without needing professional services or a team of expert data scientists, relevant reports on hybrid cloud operations provide actionable insights right away. In its innovative GUI, hovering over a peak in a live report displays the top applications or top users of that resource to understand why the peak happened.
  • Hybrid Clouds – ControlUp helps IT administrators know when it is time to move workloads out to the cloud and when they should be brought back in again. It works with applications that are run on physical Windows servers, in virtual machines or in private, public or hybrid clouds.