Customers empower their workforce with Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile

Customers empower their workforce with Citrix ShareFile, as enterprises and small-to-medium businesses among those empowering their workforce and customers with modern tools. As organizations of all sizes embrace digital transformation and adopt new technologies, business document sharing workflows like those in Citrix ShareFile are a critical solution to how work gets done. Businesses that are investing in ensuring that employees, customers and partners are able to collaborate on business documents across any device, at any time, while maintaining a high level of security, are experiencing increased productivity and ROI. According to ‘The 2016 State of Digital Transformation’ research by Altimeter, 41% of leaders surveyed said they’ve witnessed an increase in market share due to digital transformation efforts, and 37% cite a positive impact on employee morale.

Saving Time and Physical Space, While Improving Interactions with Clients

At Steve Nelson’s CPA practice, keeping client documents secure at all times was a big challenge given the amount of files required to be shared in order to get work done. Attaching documents to emails was simply not an option and using outdated FTP (file transfer protocol) solutions without proven secure file sharing capabilities were off the table. To solve this security challenge, Steve found Citrix ShareFile which not only offered his firm a secure and easy way to share files but also provided his clients a way to easily send and receive files electronically. Instead of depending on physically mailing documents, which normally took 2-4 days, his firm is able to instantly send and receive documents securely which saves time. As a result, his team has saved a week worth of work during tax season, reduced physical storage space need for paper filing and provided his clients a collaborative tool that increases overall productivity for both parties. Implementing ShareFile has allowed him to grow his business by 10% by lowering overhead, paper and office space costs.

Real Time Document Collaboration Delivers Greater Safety and Improves Productivity

When pilots are flying with their devices at 30,000 feet at any given time, how do you securely deliver and collaborate on documents that are critical to the safety of passengers and crew? Fair Wind Air Charter was faced with the challenge of keeping these devices synced, in real time so their entire staff including pilots, mechanics, and crew had the latest information. To comply with FAA rules and regulations including redundancy, security of access and a slew of requirements, the company needed a solution that went beyond consumer grade features and functionality. As a result of implementing ShareFile, the company has now set up each of their aircrafts as separate clients which gives them individual granular control over the types of libraries and files they can access, read, edit, upload and download. Whether they are on the ground or in the air, pilots now are able to synch documents in real time. Reliability combined with useful features like the ability to securely send and request files via the Outlook plug-in have made getting work done more efficient.  Additionally, real time document status updates to see when a document is accessed, downloaded and edited ensures all parties are up to date. For example, when a FAA employee receives or sends a file, Fair Wind Air Charter instantly gets an activity notification. Since implementing ShareFile, the company has seen improved productivity, reduced paper usage and expanded ShareFile use into other parts of the business, like finance.

When asked about adopting new ways to use technologies, Nate Spilker VP, Cloud Services over at Citrix, said that “Businesses are turning to new technologies that will help grow their business and stay ahead of the competition. It’s our mission to deliver business tools that organizations of all sizes can easily adopt and bring value not only to employees but all parties involved in business document collaboration. Across various vertical industries, our customers are seeing the value that ShareFile delivers by reduced costs, business growth and an increase in workforce productivity.”