How much Bandwidth is required to deliver XenDesktop 4?

One of the common questions that Citrix customers implementing XenDesktop 4 for Branch Offices ask is “How much Bandwidth is required to deliver XenDesktop 4?” Even though the typical answer to such a specific question is “It depends” and it is based on available bandwidth, latency, WAN congestion and user/application activities, customers still need some sort of guide or range to help them plan for a large scale XenDesktop deployment. Citrix is happy to announce that Citrix Consulting Solutions recently performed extensive testing to provide guidance to customers to help determine how much Bandwidth is required for delivering XenDesktop 4 over the WAN. The report Performance Assessment and Bandwidth Analysis for Delivering XenDesktop to Branch Offices aims to provide customers with bandwidth requirement guidance for standard user workflows such as Office 2007, internet browsing, printing and video executed in a XenDesktop virtual desktop delivered over WAN. Along with the guidance for native XenDesktop bandwidth requirements, Citrix Consulting also integrated Citrix Branch Repeater with XenDesktop to utilize its WAN optimization techniques for optimizing XenDesktop connections. Citrix Branch Repeater provides significant reduction in the amount of bandwidth required to deliver XenDesktop over a WAN and hence provides customers with a cost effective alternative to a WAN upgrade.

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