InstallFree announces official support for virtualizing Office 2010

InstallFree has now added support for virtualizing Office 2010, as well as the availability of a full virtualization recipe on our customer support portal. Here are some of the key benefits of using our virtualization technology with Office 2010:

  • No native installations or system dependencies. You can create a full virtual instance of Office 2010 that can be deployed to any Windows machine without the need to use any special “deployment kits” or install pre-requisite software.
  • Single package for any Windows platform. Your virtual Office 2010 package will work on any version of Windows, including terminal server sessions. No need to create platform-specific packages.
  • Full support for all licensing and activation methods: retail, MAK and KMS. Use whatever licensing mechanism works best in your environment.
  • Full shell integration and natural end-user experience – shortcuts, file associations, send-to menus, etc – all without modifying any part of the native OS or Registry.
  • Fully separated and stateful user data. Users always have access to their persistent settings even when working in generally stateless environments such as Terminal Services, XenApp or shared-image VDI.
  • Full support for physical or virtual Office 2010 GPOs. You can configure your virtual instance of Office to read group policies from the native environment, or assign virtual GPOs using the InstallFree Management Console. This allows you to utilize a single package for deploying Office in multiple usage scenarios.
  • Full support for Office add-ins. You can separately package any Office add-in and then deliver it to the right users, all without modifying your core Office 2010 package. You can even allow users to provision their own add-ins using InstallFree Self Provisioning.
  • Straightforward encapsulation using the InstallFree Encapsulator.

We would like to thank all of our beta customers, as well as all of the InstallFree gang who have been using virtual Office 2010 on their production computers for many months now (of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way).

You can watch the video below to learn more about our support for virtualizing Office 2010.