Latest Citrix XenServer Release Available in December 2010

The entire XenServer team is pleased to announce the release of XenServer 5.6 Feature Pack 1! This latest release of XenServer continues Citrix’s commitment to provide the best virtualization platform for customers who want to leverage server virtualization within their datacenter environment, host virtual desktops for XenDesktop , or build the next generation cloud computing infrastructure.

In this release, XenServer has been optimized to run XenDesktop installations with greater performance by storing boot images and non-persistent data to local storage; includes distributed virtual switching to create multi-tenant, highly secure, and extremely flexible network fabrics; integrates a web-based console for delegated, remote VM management; and automates VM snapshots to protect against data loss in the event of a VM failure.

Join Steve Benton, Derek Slayton and the Citrix sales EMEA team on their monthly XenServer sales readiness training.

This month:

  • The new technology
  • Sales & positioning
  • Competition comparison
  • Why XenServer is becoming an even better server virtualisation platform for XenDesktop

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Download the XenServer Platinum Edition 90-day Trial to preview all the new XenServer features (starts December 15, 2010).
Download the XenServer Free Edition
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