Microsoft hits back with Windows 8

Imagine this – touchscreen enabled laptop (I don’t care about the brand!) with Citrix Receiver, delivering Windows 8. Now, that’s a new ball game. I woke up this AM and watched the Windows 8 HD Video review, that was announced while I was a sleep. I must say, way to go Microsoft. Microsoft has really been a subject to battering the last couple of years, mostly due to the rise and success of Apple with their products. I myself, have not fallen to the helms/realms?? of Apple, and still use a laptop, Lenovo as a matter of fact. Just last week, during Citrix Synergy 2011 San Francisco the Apple fans of the CTP group (Citrix Technology Professionals). We’re tweeting about that next year the rest of the CTPs would all have Apple MacBook’s. Well, guess what, that was my plan, but now I’m once again blown away by a great OS that I know a thing or two about, that I know my way around and all that.

Windows 8 looks promising imagine delivering Windows 8 with Citrix XenDesktop vNext, to every device with the Citrix Receiver. That’s the Wow factor that Citrix is showing today, and it surely is the Big Wow factor of the upcoming years as well. My iPad running Windows 8 delivered with Citrix Receiver is just somewhat a geeky dream come true. This will mean that Apple need to go with the flow, when it comes to Virtualization. As the awesome (Dr.) Gus Pinto showed on stage at Citrix Synergy 2011, Citrix Receiver delivering MAC OSx virtualized from XenDesktop, this means that Apple need to get into the Virtualization game, or risk losing market share. It’s no secret that Citrix showed off XenClient almost 2 years ago at Citrix Synergy 2009 Las Vegas, running a virtualized MacBook Pro with XenClient installed on it. Many reasons perhaps that XenClient still is not able to be installed on a MacBook; I guess the rumor is that Apple won’t allow it.

Nevertheless with Windows 8, Microsoft is hitting back hard. The HW vendors need now to put touch enabled screens to a broader line of laptop modules, and also touch enabled widescreen monitors, not to mention the impact this can have on regular HD TV’s. Imagine Microsoft ThinPC vNext embedded into a Samsung 3D HD TV, another wet geeky dream! With Citrix delivering the full Windows 8 experience in full HD and maybe 3D as well!


The future is bright people, can’t wait to get my hands on Windows 8!