My take on Citrix bringing the Receiver to Facebook

I’m in the plane right now blogging from some 40.000 feet, love how technology evolves with time! Free Wifi in this Norwegian flight is really good and cool. Enough of me blogging from high hights, Citrix really had a spectacular show lined up for us at this years Citrix Synergy 2011 in Barcelona. Think that it’s actually the best keynote that I’ve been in! And I’ve been to like Synergy and Summit and iForum since back in 2001. Love the Follow me data stuff Citrix has going on, love the App-DNA acquisition. The latter a good add on for all XenApp customers as they now will get a tool that can asses applications before implementing them into the solution. A lot of cool others stuff has been shown also, like TaaS the tools-as-a-service stuff, and the HDX on a Chip stuff that really is a way for Citrix to tie them selvs into the Hardware manufactures. The one thing that I actually thought was cool was the HTML 5 stuff Citrix is doing inside Facebook. Cool, is the word, but do we really want it?

Let’s face it, Facebook is more of a social platform for people to connect. I use Facebook for my friends, so my personal account is well yeah, personal, that me. Now this website, has a page, and that is a public offering. Now, I’m not quite sure if any big companies would like their users to start Applications or Virtual Desktops from within Facebook. There is a security issue maybe, there might be other reasons, like they’ve shutdown access to Facebook which is a trend, because people used to much time on Facebook during working hours.

I might be wrong with this, but for me personally, I will use it, but for big organizations and corporations, I’m not sure if they will allow it… but then again, it’s all about consumerization and making stuff available from un-traditional places!