Nutanix Calm and Xi Cloud Services to reboot Hybrid Cloud ´s

Hybrid Cloud ´s Need a Fresh Approach

Nutanix Reboots The Hybrid Cloud With Single OS for the Multi-cloud Era

Nutanix Calm and Xi Cloud Services to Deliver One-click Operations across Core, Distributed and Edge Clouds

Nutanix has announced at its .NEXT Conference 2017 that the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS will be delivered as a full software stack with new multi-cloud capabilities in Nutanix Calm and a new cloud service called Nutanix XiTM Cloud Services. This will fuel Hybrid Clouds to a new level. The new offerings take a fresh approach to hybrid cloud, empowering customers to use Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Software throughout their multi-cloud deployments, including on-premises with platforms from IBMⓇ, Dell EMCTM, LenovoⓇ, CiscoⓇ and HPEⓇ, in the cloud via AWSTM, Google Cloud Platform and Azure, or natively with Nutanix Xi Cloud Services.

In the multi-cloud era, data and applications are dispersed not just across enterprise private and public clouds, but also distributed remote office/branch office (ROBO) and disaster recovery (DR) environments, as well as edge computing use cases. Today’s enterprises want to build these diverse deployment options into their end-to-end cloud designs, without disjointed IT operations or lock-in to any one virtualization or cloud stack. A single software OS brings a new approach to unifying these multiple clouds – across the full compute, storage and network stack – which dramatically simplifies operations with common IT tooling, enabling application mobility across clouds, while remaining open to any hardware, hypervisor, or cloud.

Hybrid Clouds Need a Fresh Approach

A seamless Hybrid Cloud, garnering the best from private and public cloud infrastructure, is the goal of many IT teams. A well-designed hybrid cloud is needed to make strategic workload placement decisions. For many critical and predictable workloads, owning infrastructure is most appropriate, while some workloads are best consumed as a public service.

But hybrid cloud is hard. Traditional third-party cloud environments don’t integrate with on-prem infrastructure. These public services have separate set of constructs and management tools. An all too common result is yet another IT silo, with distinct operational requirements. Given this complexity, most organizations resign themselves by experimenting with new workloads (think cloud native or Mode2 apps) in public clouds, while keeping traditional, Mode1 apps in the datacenter.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS Software

Delivered as software, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS supports a variety of hardware platforms, form factors and third-party vendors, ensuring that a single software fabric with unified management can run across all enterprise environments. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS extends beyond Nutanix-branded appliances, OEM offerings from Dell EMC and Lenovo and systems from partner IBM to flexible subscriptions and enterprise license agreements (ELAs) on Cisco and HPE platforms. For consumption as a service, IT leaders will be able to leverage Nutanix software as a native cloud-delivered solution via Xi Cloud Services – seamlessly extending the boundaries of their enterprise datacenter while preserving a consistent, simple one-click experience.

Nutanix Xi Cloud Services

Xi Cloud Services will empower customers to instantly provision and consume Nutanix infrastructure on demand as a native extension of the enterprise datacenter, delivering a turnkey cloud service built from the same infrastructure stack with the same tooling and SLAs as the core Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. The first available Xi Cloud Service will enable Nutanix customers to set up, manage and test a complete cloud-based DR service in just minutes. Using the same Prism management interface, Nutanix customers can instantly protect their applications and data inline with existing workflows as part of their routine IT operations, avoiding the expense and complexity of a separate DR solution. Nutanix will partner with strategic cloud providers to deliver Xi Cloud Services globally, and to meet the data provenance requirements governing multiple industries and use cases.

Nutanix Calm

Building and operating a multi-cloud architecture requires that applications can be easily defined, instantiated and scaled independent of the cloud environment. Nutanix Calm abstracts application environments from the underlying infrastructure and recommends the right cloud for the right workload while harmonizing cloud operations. Nutanix Calm will allow applications to be defined via easy-to-use blueprints, which can be provisioned, managed and scaled into different cloud environments. The solution includes a powerful, integrated marketplace so that application designs can be shared across the organization to speed the time to production for new business initiatives. Calm leverages the full stack capabilities of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS across network, compute and storage to holistically converge enterprise infrastructures on AHV, ESXi, Hyper-V, extended to Xi Cloud Services, as well as public clouds including AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Azure.

Product Availability

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS is now available as a software-only offering for popular platforms from Cisco and HPE. Nutanix Calm is planned to be available for sale by calendar Q4 2017. Nutanix Xi Cloud Services for disaster recovery are planned to be offered for early access by calendar Q1 2018.

Supporting Quotes:

“We see the next decade as the ‘decade of coexistence’ where there will be a shift of enterprise workloads spread across both traditional environments and public/private ‘multi-clouds,’” said Gary Gauba, Chief Enterprise Relationship Officer and President, Advanced Solutions Group in CenturyLink’s IT & Managed Services business unit. “From our perspective, a converged environment that is highly automated and optimized for workloads – which also provides simplified steady-state management and predictive scaling – will be what drives the business.”

“With enterprise architectures encompassing multiple clouds, having a software-driven fabric is imperative for driving efficient IT operations,” Clint Augustine, Senior Director, IT, The Home Depot. “Nutanix has an impressive track record for delivering powerful software solutions that run across different platforms and is well positioned to help us continue to reduce costs and deliver higher value.”

“Having an infrastructure strategy that covers on-premises data centers and public cloud without also taking edge and distributed environments into consideration is no longer acceptable for modern businesses,” said Eric Sheppard, Research Director, Enterprise Storage and Converged Infrastructure, IDC. “With its Enterprise Cloud OS, Nutanix is once again offering a compelling vision for enterprise infrastructure that aligns with the needs of this new multi-cloud era.”

“Multi-cloud IT strategies require much more than today’s first generation hybrid cloud architectures, which force companies to provision and manage separate IT silos” said Sunil Potti, Chief Product and Development Officer, Nutanix. “The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS enables ubiquitous consumption of simple, delightful cloud services across any enterprise infrastructure and will be expanded with Nutanix Calm to deliver a consistent experience across all cloud environments, while new Nutanix Xi Cloud Services will enable enterprise apps to be consumed as a service without burdensome ‘forklift’ operations – making lift-and-shift a thing of the past.”


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