Nutanix can now run Citrix XenServer

Nutanix now runs Citrix XenServerNutanix now runs Citrix XenServer

Nutanix can now run Citrix XenServer. Citrix XenServer as a deployment option for pre-configured hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

This solution makes it possible for Nutanix customers to leverage XenServer for the simple, secure deployment of Citrix application and desktop virtualization along with rich functionality and enhanced end-user experience, without additional vTax hypervisor costs. Nutanix, gives the customer the ability to choose between yet another hypervisor. This is unlike any other vendor in the Enterprise Cloud and Hyper-converged market today. Nutanix now supports their own Acropolis Hypervisor ( AHV ), Microsoft Hyper-v, VMware vSphere/ESXi and now also Citrix XenServer. This is gives end customers the ability to not get locked-in to one solution!
Nutanix and Citrix have constantly disrupted the VDI and app virtualization and delivery space, putting IT’s focus on end-user needs. For example, at Synergy 2016, Nutanix announced a full stack, turn-key Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Windows-based VDI solution called InstantON VDI for Citrix, which delivers an enterprise level experience at an affordable price point. The two companies have given architects and administrators the power of choice by bringing to market VDI and app virtualization solutions on several different virtualization stacks. This includes the industry’s first software defined Citrix Validated Solution for XenApp and XenDesktop–running on Microsoft Hyper-V,validated solutions with ESXi and the Citrix MCS integrated solution leveraging the Nutanix AHV virtualization stack.
Nutanix and Citrix has focused on simplifying VDI with pre-configured hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) that ensures a superior end user experience.

The partnership has grown to new levels with Nutanix now supporting the latest version of XenServer, which enables us to jointly deliver maximum XenApp and XenDesktop performance.

A key factor that Nutanix brings to this is the linear scaling of users without performance bottlenecks — XenServer users can scale their Citrix deployments to support 10,000’s of users with excellent user experience, thanks to the web-scale Nutanix architecture. This is similar to St. Luke’s journey to cover thousands of users across dozens of sites. Customers can also reduce sizing and scaling risk with the refreshed Nutanix VDI Assurance service.

This collaboration ensures customers gain the virtual GPU support, HDX user experience optimizations and security advantages included in XenServer 7.0 that provide an unmatched personal experience for anyone using XenApp and XenDesktop to access their apps and digital workspace. With XenServer deployed on Nutanix, IT doesn’t need to worry about the complexities of managing server virtualization, making secure app delivery deployments and management simple, seamless and easy.

Running Citrix XenServer on Nutanix HCI offers plenty of end-user and IT admin benefits, including:

End-user graphical experience -> Now utilize NVIDIA GRID – NVIDIA’s M60 chipset on Nutanix HCI

Revolutionary security -> XenServer Direct Inspect APIs

Infrastructure management & support 

Whether an organization is looking to deploy hosted shared desktops or graphics-intensive virtual desktops or give remote users fast and secure access to their applications and data, Nutanix and Citrix together are helping IT make this a reality. Today’s announcement of planned Nutanix support for XenServer is another example of how both companies are putting the focus back on serving the needs of the end-user; eliminating virtualization as a separate add-on and making infrastructure invisible.

Initial Nutanix HCI support for XenServer is available via a technical preview for existing customers, with full support coming soon.

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