Nutanix Democratizes Access to Hyperconverged Infrastructure with New Community Edition


Nutanix Community Edition

Nutanix, the web-scale converged infrastructure company, today announced the public beta of its new Community Edition software, enabling broad access to the industry’s leading hyperconverged technology without the need for incremental hardware investment. Community Edition is a limited-scale version of the full Nutanix software stack that powers the datacenters of leading enterprises in more than 70 countries.

Available at no cost, Nutanix Community Edition breaks down both economic and organizational barriers to adopting the industry’s most advanced enterprise computing platform, offering radical simplicity to IT operations. Open access eliminates cost and hardware procurement and compatibility barriers, enabling rapid deployment into existing development/test and staging environments so users can directly experience the benefits of web-scale technologies. Users can also tap into the NEXT online community for operational guidance and management best practices.

Nutanix Community Edition extends the company’s commitment to fostering an open, transparent and community-centric approach to innovative solutions for mainstream enterprises. The free software enables a complete hyperconverged infrastructure deployment in just 60 minutes or less, and empowers a range of IT users:

  • Enterprise IT Professionals and Application Developers can quickly evaluate the leading hyperconverged technology with no licensing costs or new hardware investment
  • Technology Enthusiasts and Partners can now participate directly in the vibrant ecosystem for next generation of enterprise computing solutions, including the development of complementary applications, services and utilities
  • Students and Academic Researchers have unfettered access to state-of-the-art distributed systems technology, and can gain a real-world understanding of how IT infrastructure can optimally support cutting-edge cloud, mobile and big data applications

“From our very first software release in 2012, Nutanix has been dedicated to open architectures and technologies, offering unprecedented customer choice and flexibility,” said Dheeraj Pandey, Nutanix co-founder and CEO. “Community Edition is the next step in democratizing hyperconverged infrastructure technology, enabling anyone to experience the transformative benefits of our software. Only by eliminating the requirement for proprietary hardware and embracing off-the-shelf platforms can the next revolution of datacenter technologies be fully realized.”

This milestone release demonstrates that the future of hyperconverged infrastructures is about software. As a 100% software-based solution, Community Edition runs on standard x86-based servers from nearly any vendor, including Dell, HP, Cisco, Lenovo, Supermicro and others.


Initial response to the company’s early private release of Community Edition has been overwhelmingly positive.