Nutanix Infrastructure Powers Siasun Robotics’ Smart Manufacturing

Nutanix Infrastructure Powers Siasun Robotics’ Smart Manufacturing

Nutanix has announced that Siasun Robot & Automation Co. Ltd., one of China’s largest robotics manufacturers, has implemented Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software to modernize its IT infrastructure and drive continuous business innovation and digital transformation.

A member of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Siasun is a leading robotics enterprise providing tailored solutions to the diversified needs of a variety of manufacturers. As a leader in smart manufacturing, Siasun boasts its own independent research and development facilities and uses cutting-edge technologies to drive business innovation.

Siasun’s traditional method of setting up desktops for each employee was tedious, expensive and inefficient in energy and resources. As a result of this, they decided to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution running on Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) – with a clear vision of leveraging modern IT infrastructure with the latest technologies to drive innovation.

With Nutanix, Siasun is able to support the application of 3D cloud desktops for product design, research and development. VDI use is now widespread in Siasun’s Shenyang headquarters and the Tianjin, Wuxi, Suzhou and Chengdu industrial sites. Business efficiency and productivity have significantly increased with the delivery cycle being reduced from weeks to minutes.

“Innovative technologies have always been the key driver for our business development,” said Guo Peng, Assistant Director of Siasun and General Manager of Shenyang Funeng Software Technology Ltd. “Our cooperation with Nutanix not only helps support the application of cloud desktops but also helps build a modern and digital infrastructure based on HCI technology. In the future, we will look to deepen our relationship with Nutanix and leverage the hybrid cloud model to help meet our increased global collaboration and total production efficiency goal of 50%.”

Nutanix’s easy and intelligent HCI management platform allows IT to remotely monitor and manage all virtual desktops without having to physically travel from site to site as before. The new infrastructure is also driving the development of Siasun’s remote offices. Remote office employees now only require a basic network to easily access virtual desktops, saving on the associated device purchases, IT maintenance and support costs.

Now, the IT team can focus on providing end-user services and applications to drive business innovation, growth and value rather than spending precious time and resources maintaining the infrastructure.

More recently, VDI enabled Siasun to continue its business operations during COVID-19 as the company was able to easily expand the scale of its VDI footprint. It enabled employees to securely work from home, helping ensure their health and safety and minimizing the impact of the lockdown on product design and production.

Siasun immediately pivoted production and started to design and produce mask-making machines as soon as possible, providing the country with a much-needed supply of protection materials to help prevent and control the pandemic.

“The manufacturing industry will be a key driver of the future of the country, and it takes a smart manufacturer to understand and implement smart manufacturing. Siasun has shown that it is truly such a manufacturer.” – “Siasun’s ability to see the future, embrace the technology and then pivot and adapt when required are the attributes that have helped it become China’s robotics leader. As more companies emerge from the pandemic, this ability to see, think, act and adapt will be critical for their, and the country’s future prosperity.”

said Lily Ma, Managing Director, Nutanix China

Going forward, Siasun is looking to continue switching business applications to Nutanix HCI and consolidate resources and IT management across all regions, thus laying a reliable and robust foundation for the future. With shared visions and objectives, Siasun looks set to deepen its relationship with Nutanix to help drive the company’s digital transformation based on the latest cloud technologies.