Nutanix releases AOS 5.9 and Prism Central 5.9

Nutanix AOS 5.9

Nutanix has released a new version of their AOS 5.9 also called Acropolis Operating System. Prism Central is now in version 5.9 and the Nutanix AHV hypervisor has been upgraded to AHV 20170830.171. Also Foundation 4.2 + NCC 3.6.2 is now released.

Here are a quick overview of the 5.9 release:

  • AOS 5.9, contains several new features; these are listed in the Features and Updates section below:
    • Near Sync  DR Improvements
      • Interoperability Between Asynchronous DR and NearSync DR in a Protection Domain. Asynchronous and NearSync schedules can coexist in a protection domain.
      •  Application-Consistent Snapshot Support for NearSync DR. You can create application-consistent snapshots of protection domains that have a NearSync schedule.
      • One-Time Snapshot Support for NearSync DR. You can now create one-time snapshots of protection domains that have a NearSync schedule.
    • Support for ESX 6.7 -> ESXi 6.7 is supported on clusters running AOS 5.9 and Foundation 4.2 or later. Foundation 4.2 is bundled with AOS 5.9. See the Compatibility Matrix on the Nutanix support portal for NX platform details.
    • Rack Fault Tolerance -> Rack Fault Tolerance is the ability to provide rack level availability domain. With rack fault tolerance, redundant copies of data are made and placed on the nodes that are not in the same rack. When rack fault tolerance is enabled, the cluster has rack awareness and the guest VMs can continue to run with failure of one rack (RF2) or two racks (RF3). The redundant copies of guest VM data and metadata exist on other racks when one rack fails.
    • Metro Support for Hyper-V -> AOS now supports metro availability when running on Hyper-V 2016
    • Karbon(ACS) Tech Preview -> Karbon 0.8 is a turnkey solution for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters using Linux containers. Karbon comes with a web console that simplifies the deployment of Kubernetes clusters and contains a built-in Kibana add-on for logging and event monitoring. For more information, see the Nutanix Karbon 0.8 Guide.
    • RDMA for Nutanix NX G6 Platforms -> Remote Direct Memory Access RDMA provides a node with direct access to the memory subsystems of other nodes in the cluster, without needing the CPU-bounded network stack of the operating system. RDMA allows low-latency data transfer between memory subsystems, and so helps to improve network latency and lower CPU use.
    • Support for NVIDIA Tesla V100 16 GB GPU -> AOS 5.9 supports the NVIDIA Tesla V100 16 GB GPU in AHV clusters running AHV-20170830.171 and later compatible versions.
  • Prism Central 5.9
    •  Nutanix Guest Tools Bulk Operations
    • New Settings Menu in the Web Console
    • Expanded Resource Planning Capabilities
    • Hybrid Cloud Management -> Nutanix Calm supports Azure.
    • Task Library -> Nutanix Calm task library enables you to save user defined tasks (scripts) that can be used by other application blueprints. By using existing user defined tasks you need not to define the same tasks again. A task listed as part of task library can be shared across different projects.
    • Access control management enhancements in Prism Central Self Service Administration

Learn more about all the new features by reading up on the Release Notes here: