Optimizing Windows XP for XenDesktop 4

Citrix XenDesktop is a desktop virtualization solution that delivers a complete Windows desktop experience as an on-demand service to any user, anywhere. Most large implementations of XenDesktop thus far have been based on Microsoft Windows XP, although that is expected to change quickly as Microsoft Windows 7 goes mainstream in the enterprise. Many early adopters of XenDesktop have faced the challenging task of tuning Windows XP for a hosted VM-based VDI desktop model. Typically, Windows operating systems are tuned based on whether they are a client or server operating system. In the case of a hosted VM-based VDI desktop though, Windows XP is a client operating system operating in more of a traditional server role in the datacenter. Understanding this duality is just the beginning of optimizing Windows XP for XenDesktop.
While most server-based computing administrators have experience tuning server-based operating systems like Windows Server 2003 to support hundreds of users, not as much knowledge is available for tuning a client operating system like Windows XP for running in the datacenter.

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