Possible bug with VDI-in-a-Box 5.3, StoreFront 2.0 and XenDesktop 7


I’ve been scratching my head this morning, our demo center all of a sudden stopped accepting logons via our NetScaler 10.1 and Storefront 2.0 sloution. Now, I directed my attention to the domain controller, netscaler and storefront server.
Now, the solution has been working ever since back in December 2012, with Excalibur release, and then with XenDesktop 7.

After doing some more research, by just adding a new storefront store to the solution, it now worked with only adding the XenDesktop 7. Added XenApp 6.5 FP2, still works. Further, I now added XenMobile cloudgateway, still works. So, after adding VDI-in-a-Box 5.3, it stopped working.

Huum, was my first thought, so logging on to the VIAB management, and found out that my user does not have a VIAB vdi machine. Now, there is the issue. We tested with my colleague Edward’s account, and sure, he was logged in, and could start what he wanted. But, his account had a VAIB vdi machine. So, the conclution is that if you want to add VIAB into your storefront, you need to be sure to have the users that log’s on to the StoreFront 2.0 solution, also has a added user in the the VIAB solution, or else, you might see the same bug or problem that we have had.

I’ve checked the forums and support pages over at citrix.com, but no issues reported surrounding this specific problem. So, be warned!