Private Cloud Environment with Parallels RAS

Parallels RAS

Parallels Remote Application Server reinforces an administrators ability to easily set up key virtualization components to a private cloud environment. Parallels RAS is a platform-independent virtual desktop, application delivery, and integrated Windows client management solution to any modern operating system, as well as to mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. With 2X load balancing, end users are able to achieve a higher level of satisfaction and computing resources are fully optimized. Operating in a High Availability configuration, Parallels RAS intelligently directs traffic among healthy gateways in the DMZ to remove single-points-of-failure, optimize utilization, reinforce security and guarantee always-available applications.

The Parallels RAS Portal facilitates users to easily connect to 2X Published resources through a Web Interface. Authenticated users gain access to desktops and applications published through Parallels RAS, be it from a desktop PC, tablet or mobile device. Moreover, remote desktops can be delivered using either a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in a secure and easy-to-manage way. This flexibility allows administrators to mix and match popular hypervisors with popular mobile devices and workstations. All this from a central, easy to use management console.

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