Receiver for Linux 13.0 Tech Preview now out

It’s been a while since Citrix updated their Receiver for Linux. The ‘Receiver for Linux 13.0 Tech Preview’ is intended for customers and partners to evaluate it in their environment. This Tech Preview provides the opportunity for partners to integrate the optimizations in their firmware in order to get the additional benefit of new enhancements with Citrix Receiver for Linux.

New features available in Tech Preview:

  • Performance enhancements in HDX with feature parity between x86 and ARM platforms.
  • HDX SoC SDK available for all supported platforms
  • HDX technologies improve the user experience when using productivity apps, viewing multimedia files, using webcams and in conference calls
  • IPv6 connections are now supported from XenDesktop
  • A new graphical user interface replaces the Program Neighborhood Agent interface
  • StoreFront  is the new access point for users
    • StoreFront session launch components (storebrowse SDK and Authentication Manager) are available in 
    • addition to PNA session launch components (pnabrowse SDK).
    • StoreFront Smartcard support is not available.
    • StoreFront Graphical User Interface is now available in this beta release.
    • PNA Graphical User Interface (wfcmgr binary) has been withdrawn.
    • The storebrowse and selfservice command-line utilities do not support the use of server certificates in this beta release.
    • Refer to the Storebrowse, Authentication Manager, Service Record and StoreFront Enablement 
    • sections below for more details.

To learn more and download Receiver 13 Tech Preview click here

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