StarWind Virtual SAN Compute and Storage Separated 3-node with Hyper-V

StarWind Virtual SAN

StarWind Virtual SAN® allows users to create a fully redundant, fault tolerant Hyper-V failover cluster and shared storage for it using 2 or 3 Hyper-V hosts and their local storage, without any dedicated storage hardware or proprietary equipment necessary. This introduces an added value compared to the native storage solutions available for Hyper-V.

The document shows how to configure StarWind Virtual SAN® on 3 dedicated servers to provide fault tolerant shared storage to a client hypervisor cluster. A configuration with a dedicated SAN layer gives customers the ability to provide both block level and file level storage to the clients, resulting in a unified SAN/NAS solution, which can be used for different applications and virtualization environments at the same time. It also allows users to configure StarWind Virtual SAN as a gateway to consolidate their heterogeneous storage environment into a single storage resource pool. Backend SANs can be a mix of different SANs from different vendors using different storage media like FC and iSCSI. This guide is intended for experienced Windows system administrators and IT professionals who would like to configure a Hyper-V cluster using StarWind Virtual SAN to convert the local or iSCSI attached storage of the cluster nodes into a fault tolerant shared storage resource to be then presented to the client servers using iSCSI protocol. 

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