The all new Citrix NetScaler takes secure application delivery to new hights

Citrix announced the NetScaler® MPX™ 22000 series, the most powerful 2048-bit and 4096-bit SSL enabled application delivery controller (ADC) available with ™ technology. With over 500,000 SSL 2048-bit transactions per second per appliance, it sets an industry record for SSL capacity from the ADC market leader* in a 2U appliance form factor along with delivering the highest L7 capacity in scaling up to 3Tbps of capacity.

Top of mind for IT security professionals is the ever increasing ramp of cyberattacks on Enterprise IT resources and the need to strengthen corporate security postures without incurring exorbitant costs.  These attacks are driving a number of key requirements including:

  • Significantly higher levels of SSL encryption without massive cost overlays
  • Increased resistance to denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Wider protection of all web application servers
  • Intelligent policy enforcement

With the massive increases in compute power driving these attacks, the enterprise must likewise be able to scale up its power to resist and block these attacks while at the same time, strengthening the encryption of information flowing in and out of the enterprise. Application level security is a key requirement for the protection of an enterprise or a cloud.

Citrix TriScale technology is at the core of the new NetScaler 22000 series.  With Citrix TriScale, which scales and secures cloud services, the NetScaler MPX 22000 series is the most powerful 2048-bit SSL capable ADC on the market. The NetScaler 22000 scales up from 40Gbps to over 120 Gbps of true L7 processing in a single appliance with no additional hardware. Using TriScale clustering, the system can further scale out to deliver over 3 Tbps of L7 Application Layer throughput, over one billion SYN flood DoS attacks per second and secure 2048-bit SSL transactions at a rate of 15 million per second.

A fully populated NetScaler MPX 22000 cluster has bandwidth to spare when streaming over 300,000 movies in1080p high definition – more than are listed in the Internet Movies Database (IMDB). On the security side, a single appliance can process over twice the number of 2048-SSL transactions per second of the most powerful chassis, fully populated with 8 blades, from its competitor.**


Key Facts and Highlights

  • Highest Scalability – A single appliance scales up from 40-60-80-100-120 Gbps of HTTP throughput via Pay-As-You-Grow with a simple license upgrade. Starting with a high availability pair two node cluster, the NetScaler 22000 can scale out from over 120Gbps to a capacity in excess of 3 Terabits/second when in a 32 node TriScale cluster.
  • Best SSL Performance – Processes 500,000 SSL transactions per second with 4096-bit key certificates on single appliance
  • NEBS Option – Hardware platform options include NEBS Level 3 certified models for rugged deployment scenarios.
  • Advanced Design – Architected with a small 2U footprint and a low typical power consumption of 600 Watts, the new platform includes a sixteen core CPU architecture, 256 GB RAM, dual Terabyte hard drives, dual solid state drives, and 24x10GE SFP+ ports (with an additional 12x1GE SFP ports in the NEBS version.)

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