VMware vRealize Automation Reference Architecture with Nutanix

Deploy a turn-key hyperconverged infrastructure for VMware vRealize Automation and enable true IT as a Service (ITaaS) with Nutanix platforms with web-scale technologies. Nutanix Hyper-converged infrastructure with web-scale technologies is a scalable virtualization platform for cloud, desktop, and business-critical applications and big data deployments. The Nutanix solution consists of modular building blocks, each containing one to four nodes or physical servers running a hypervisor that includes both compute and storage. The Nutanix web-scale architecture greatly reduces costs while increasing performance and scalability, empowering you to deliver a reliable and consistent user experience.

Utilizing the Nutanix platform alleviates many of the complications of traditional storage. All storage management is virtual machine centric. There is one shared pool of storage that includes flash-based SSDs for high performance and low latency, and high-capacity HDDs for affordable capacity. Data is automatically tiered across different types of storage devices in the storage pool using intelligent placement algorithms. This ensures the most frequently used data is available in memory or in flash for the fastest possible performance. 

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