What´s new in Stratusphere UX 6.0

LIQUIDWARE What´s new in Stratusphere UX 6.0

Learn about feature details on Stratusphere UX 6.0, the user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution for desktops and virtual workspaces.

This release includes major architectural enhancements to support scalability, support for new client devices as well as new and enhanced reporting to facilitate application virtualization and strategy.

Stratusphere UX 6.0 is the industry-leading user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution.

 An independent and platform-agnostic architecture, the solution provides user-centric visibility that is persistent across platform and workspace delivery. User behavior is unpredictable; and treating every workspace the same will lead to a gap in meeting expectations. The ability to examine user, machine and application workloads from the user point of view is critically important. Whether casting an Applications Strategy or looking to baseline, optimize or diagnose the Machine Boot & Login ProcessStratusphere UX minimizes unknowns, reduces risk and delivers visibility that is representative of the user’s point of view. Unlike solutions from infrastructure and APM vendors, Stratusphere UX provides visibility before, during and after the transformation process—understanding the user experience is key to managing the lifecycle of next-generation workspaces.