Windows 7 Fails to PXE Boot Event ID 7026 with Provisioning Server 5.1

When Pre-execution Environment (PXE) booting a Target Device with the Windows 7 operating system, after installing the Provisioning Services Target software, the vDisk states it is inactive and an error message (Event ID 7026) appears in the event viewer:
”The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load bnistack.”


In the Provisioning Services Console, right-click on the Provisioning Services Server and select Configure Bootstrap. Ensure that Advanced Memory Support is enabled and Reboot the target device.

More Information

Advanced Memory Support: this setting enables the bootstrap to work with newer Windows operating system versions and is enabled by default. Only disable this setting on older XP or Windows Server operating systems, 32-bit versions that do not support Physical Address Extension (PAE) by default, or if your target device is hanging or behaving erratically in early boot phase.

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