7 Reasons for moving to XenApp 7.x

7 Reasons for Moving to XenApp 7

Whether you already have a XenApp 7 deployment up and running, or you are looking ahead at 2017 as the year to upgrade to the latest version of it.

Here are 7 reasons why your upgrade to the latest build, this version is much more than a maintenance update.
XenApp 7 is here to help you deliver a powerful digital workspace for every user regardless of their job role or location.

Fast Ramp to Cloud Service

Did you know that Citrix uses the same code base for XenApp/XenDesktop on-premises and the cloud service? By making the move from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7 today, your app and desktop workloads are positioned for a quick transition to the XenApp and XenDesktop service on Citrix Cloud.

Cloud Flexibility

Run app workloads on-premises or burst into popular public clouds.  Once you are running XenApp 7, you can deploy virtual app workloads on popular public clouds like Azure or AWS side-by-side with your existing on-premises app workloads so you can leverage the elasticity of the cloud for a new M&A, incoming class of students, seasonal workers or contractor projects.

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