Agentless backup for Citrix XenServer with Alike from Quorum Software

Ever thought about if there is a Agentless backup solution for Citrix XenServer? Look no more, you should check out  Alike from Quorum Software.
They have a impressive backup solution for Citrix XenServer, here is some highlights and a video to go with it:

Feature Summary

Feature Description
Data Deduplication Performs block-level data deduplication across all VMs backed up
Friendly UI This easy-to-use User Interface will get you backing up quickly
XenServer Integration Leverages XenServer snapshots to capture guest VM state. XenServer 5.5 or later is recommended
Pool Support Is pool-aware and can back up guests deployed to a XenServer storage pool
Quiesce Support Quiesced snapshots are supported in XenServer 5.5
Supported Storage Repositories (SRs) Alike Supports any SR in XenServer 5.5
Point-in-time restore Versions each snapshot that is backed up
Syslog integration Logging can be sent to a syslog server email/paging notifications
Flexible Scheduling Jobs can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly; may be configured for multiple runs per day
64-bit Support Although the UI runs only on a 32-bit OS, it can back up any guest OS and can connect to a XenServer host that is 64 bit
Backup Storage Support CIFS/ISCSI/Local Disk
Automated Storage Coalesce Alike can fully automate and schedule Citrix’s Coalesce tool, dramatically simplifying the reclaim process.

Check out the Video Demo of Alike


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