Alike by Quorum Software releases version 1.36 of their XenServer Backup Software

A new release of Alike by Quorum Software is available for download.
In this software update is considered a full release. It contains numerous bugfixes and performance enhancements, but limited new functionality. All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.


  • Improved data processing (munge) performance, in some cases significantly.
  • Fixed an error that could cause the Scheduler service to stop.
  • VM version purge should accurately free storage space in all cases.
  • Added percentage complete indicator for all lengthy operations in backup/restore jobs.
  • Fixed errors with temp directories located on CIFS shares.
  • Added means to remove Windows Event log errors from Alike Activity page.
  • Improved host detection.
  • Enhanced numerous log messages for increased clarity.
  • Many smaller issues resolved.
  • Known Issues


  • UNC paths not supported in installer. They must be entered after installation.
  • Scheduled restore jobs may not be edited after creation.
  • Progress bar does not accurately reflect job’s progress on jobs containing more than 1 VM.
  • On setting change, a service restart may fail to restart both services.
  • To read more about Alike from Quorum Software click here