AppSense at the centre of the User Virtualization revolution

Ovum, an independent industry analyst firm, has produced a Technology Audit positioning AppSense as the market leader in the User Virtualisation sector. Ovum recommends that all enterprise organisations with 1000+ employees could benefit from AppSense’s technology and should conduct an initial assessment.

According to Ovum, AppSense separates the user from the desktop, and stores and manages all user related information with their User Virtualisation Platform; this provides a managed user experience irrespective of the connection, desktop platform, delivery mechanism, location or device being used. The IT department’s role is then to provide invisible management and control. AppSense’s innovative technology means it is the first vendor to solve the difficult challenge of how to offer a complete personalised experience on non-persistent desktops, an “Achilles heel” for many desktop virtualisation solutions.

Roy Illsley, principal analyst at Ovum, comments: “Ovum considers that AppSense has developed a solution which enables the end-user organisation to deploy the type of desktop strategy that suits its requirements, rather than deploying a compromised, one-size-fits-all approach.”

Ovum also recommended AppSense solutions as an excellent approach to any migration strategy. Illsley adds: “Many organisations are currently assessing how they manage Windows migration, transferring from Windows XP to Windows 7, or from locally installed applications to virtualised applications such as Microsoft Application Virtualisation (App-V). This is a really hot topic at the moment, and the AppSense approach is a cost-effective and viable option.”

The potential for User Virtualisation is strong with investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs estimating the market will be worth $2 billion by 2015. This potential was recently recognised when Goldman Sachs announced $70 million funding for AppSense in February 2011.

Illsley concludes: “AppSense User Virtualisation will span all desktops, not just VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), meaning that the market potential for User Virtualisation covers physical desktops, virtual desktops, and server-hosted shared desktops. Based on current AppSense growth, the User Virtualisation market could very well be bigger than the VDI market.”

Darron Antill, CEO at AppSense, adds: “Ovum’s view on the User Virtualisation category mirrors our own. The demand for User Virtualisation is growing exponentially and we believe that AppSense is perfectly poised to meet this demand. The validation from Ovum further cements our position as not just the market leader, but also an innovation leader in User Virtualisation.”

Notes to editors
A copy of the Ovum Technology Audit “AppSense Virtual User Infrastructure” is available on the AppSense website Or to request a copy contact Harvard PR via the details below

About AppSense
AppSense, the leading provider of user virtualisation solutions for enterprises, makes physical and virtual desktop deployment possible by ensuring a seamless user experience across all delivery platforms. AppSense accelerates multi-platform desktop deployments by eliminating costly user management tools, enabling single-image application delivery, and ensuring users have the same experience from any desktop. AppSense technology is used around the world by companies such as JPMorgan Chase, United Airlines, RBS, the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions and TFL. Its technology alliance partners include Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.

AppSense was founded in the UK and its development team is still based in Warrington. Its corporate headquarters are now in New York, and it has additional offices in San Jose, Munich, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Paris and Oslo.