AppSense Launches Certified Service Provider Program

AppSense, the leading provider of user virtualization technology, today announced the AppSense Certified Service Provider (ACSP) program which gives access to products, training, support and specialized pricing to optimize user virtualization service offerings. The ACSP program is open to companies offering desktop services via a subscription-based model that includes all required software and support.

“With user virtualization, service providers now have an opportunity to optimize customer value and reduce delivery costs for their offerings while delivering a personalized desktop experience on a highly standardized, scalable and supportable cloud fabric,” said Barb Goldworm, president and chief analyst of analyst firm FOCUS. “The ‘as a service’ model is extremely attractive to organizations looking to save money, and the increased interest in subscription-based pricing makes this an extremely smart move for AppSense.”

A growing number of organizations are reducing IT cost and complexity by accessing desktops and applications as a service, rather than purchasing and owning them. IT service providers combine economies of scale with specialized expertise to bring enterprise-class technology within reach of organizations with limited in-house IT resources or the appetite for major infrastructure investments. AppSense user virtualization enables service providers to implement a highly standardized and scalable desktop and application delivery infrastructure while offering a personalized and responsive computing experience. This maximizes customer satisfaction while minimizing infrastructure and support costs. Additionally, user virtualization enables service providers to have a higher degree of control over the desktops they are managing.

“User virtualization can be a powerful tool for accelerating the rate at which organizations are able to transition to desktops and applications as a service, by serving as a bridge between traditional OS or application deployment, and virtual or cloud delivery,” said Doug Lane, director of product marketing at AppSense. “The ACSP program makes it extremely easy for service providers to deliver user virtualization as a service, enabling them to increase control over delivered desktops while also ensuring the user receives a fully personalized experience.”

On Wednesday, October 12 at 12 p.m. ET, AppSense will present an introductory webinar, “Delivering High-Value Desktop Services with User Virtualization,” for service providers to learn more about how user virtualization can bring additional customer value and operational cost savings to their managed desktop service offerings.

Service providers interested in attending the webinar can register at , or request more information about the ACSP program by sending an email to