Battlefield 4 from a Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 HDX 3D Pro Windows 8.1 VDI

In this video, Alexander Ervik Johnsen, from shows how Battlefield 4 can be played from a Virtual Desktop delivered from a Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 solution.

The VDI is running Windows 8.1, and the hypervisor is XenServer 6.5, with a NVIDIA GRID K2 card in Q260k vGPU mode.

The laptop running the demo is connected to a shared work WiFi network.

The Battlefield series has been a personal favorite since the first release of BF 1942 back in 2002.I’ve played every one of them, first on PC, later on console.Now, I thought while playing on PS4 the other day, why didn’t I do this in my demolab? Well, here is the result. I might make another movie showing some more values, network traffic etc, so stay tuned!

You might ask why show off a video game from a vdi running in the datacenter. The answer is that because we can :), but also because this shows that it can be realized. The future might just be that we play video games from a VDI hosted somewhere, cloud or in a hybrid/private cloud environment

Please NOTE THAT THIS VIDEO MAY CONTAIN material not suited for children. PEGI rating: PENDING ESRB rating: 17+