Citrix Online GoToWebinar Wins 2010 Software Techie Award

Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc., and provider of SaaS-based collaboration, access and IT support solutions, was awarded the 2010 Techie Award in the software category for its online web conferencing product GoToWebinar®. The Software Techie category recognizes truly innovative software products.

GoToWebinar provides the simplest and most cost effective way to conduct do-it-yourself webinars – interactive web-based presentations – while reaching up to 1,000 attendees at a time. GoToWebinar also features built-in unlimited audio conferencing options, enabling attendees to join the conference call by calling a toll number or by using their computer’s mic and speakers (VoIP). A fully integrated toll-free option is also available. The complete audio experience is seamless and dead simple to use for both organizers and attendees.

“One of the biggest customer challenges we’ve heard relates to online webinar platforms that are complicated to set up and use, with audio and visual features as separate components,” said Bernardo de Albergaria, vice president, general manager of collaboration, Citrix Online. “GoToWebinar was designed with simplicity in mind to address this problem specifically by streamlining and automating the user experience, and by providing integrated audio options that are not only simple to use, but more importantly, flexible and affordable for both webinar organizers and attendees.”

Webinar organizers can drive greater attendance by offering the integrated toll-free option while reducing costs by providing the VoIP and toll options as well. The webinar sessions (including audio) can also be recorded with one click at no additional cost.

GoToWebinar enables organizers to:

  • Set up a webinar in minutes without IT support, reducing communication and travel costs while extending market reach
  • Gather and profile online audiences in real time, qualifying prospects efficiently and closing new business
  • Deliver engaging presentations that stimulate audience interest, enhancing prospect interaction, building strong customer relationships and improving retention
  • Host unlimited webinars for a low flat monthly rate, producing more leads at a lower cost per lead while increasing awareness and building customer loyalty
  • Reduce costs with built-in unlimited audio conferencing via computer and toll-based phone numbers, offering high-quality participation options for attendees
  • Offer a completely integrated toll-free audio option, creating a seamless experience for organizers and attendees

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