Citrix Receiver for HTML5 – Tech Preview now available

Citrix Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview enables users to access hosted desktops and applications provided by XenApp and AppController from the Google Chrome browser. Desktops and applications are aggregated in a Receiver Storefront store and made available through a Receiver for Web site.
To access desktops and applications using Receiver for HTML5, navigate to the Receiver Storefront URL from a Chrome browser. Desktop access requires a connection through Citrix Access Gateway.

System Requirements
User Device w Google Chrome browser (version 17)

Receiver for HTML5 supports access to hosted desktops and applications provided by XenApp and AppController through Receiver Storefront 1.0. Receiver Storefront stores must be accessed through Receiver for Web sites.
Receiver Storefront can be used in conjunction with the following product versions.w Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2

Securing User Connections
Receiver for HTML5 enables user access to desktops and applications from public networks with the following version of Access Gateway.

Citrix Access Gateway 10.x, Enterprise Edition
Receiver for HTML5 supports all authentication methods provided by Receiver Storefront. Connections through an Access Gateway require only one logon for application access.

 Please note that Google Chrome is the only browser supported for the Tech Preview.  Please read the Release Notes for other requirements and configuration details.

Click here to download Citrix Receiver for HTML5 – Tech Preview (may require a valid account)

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