Citrix Receiver for iOS 5.7.1 released

Citrix has updated their Receiver for iOS to version 5.7.1

What’s New in Version 5.7.1

In addition to general usability and performance improvements, this release adds these features:

• Support for App Store applications through AppController for CloudGateway. After an App Store application is published, when you tap it in Receiver, Receiver opens the App Store to the page on the device where you can install or open the application.
• Workflow support for MDX applications. You can configure MDX applications to require approval to use with CloudGateway.
• Maintenance mode for MDX applications. You can set an MDX application to be offline while maintenance is performed on the infrastructure. During the maintenance period, users cannot use the application.
• New account and multi-store support icon. The new icon is the industry standard iconography for profile. The icon appears next to the settings icon.
• Application usage counter. The existing counter now includes MDX applications for CloudGateway.
• Support for AppController 2.6.