Citrix releases XenServer 7.0

 Citrix XenServer 7.0 adds many new features

Citrix has released XenServer 7.0, with a lot of new features!

XenServer 7.0 introduces enhanced features and functionality for application, desktop and server virtualization use cases. Major themes for this release are increased configuration limits, ease of maintenance improvements and features aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership.

This release also incorporates the following platform improvements:

  • Support for the latest Intel processors – Intel Broadwell-H, Broadwell-EX and Skylake-S
  • Includes Xen hypervisor v4.6
  • Dom0 now uses CentOS v7.2
  • Support for booting hosts using UEFI

New in XenServer 7.0:

  • Intel GVT-g virtual GPU for Windows – Enterprise feature
  • Support for SMB Storage – Enterprise feature
  • Automated Windows VM Driver Updates – Enterprise feature
  • Support for Intel Iris Pro GPU
  • Support for the newest 64-bit hardware and latest Guest operating systems
  • Increased vGPU scalability
  • In-memory read caching
  • Storage and networking performance improvements
  • Workload Balancing
  • Support for up to 1.5 TB of Memory per VM
  • Support for 288 CPUs
  • Support for 32 vCPUs per VM
  • Simplified Heterogeneous Pool Support
  • Support for Offline Storage Migration
  • Software-boot-from-iSCSI for Cisco UCS
  • Support for Open-FCoE
  • Support for NFSv4
  • Health Check
  • Measured Boot
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Server Message Block (SMB) storage protocol
  • Direct Inspect APIs to provide better than physical protection of virtual infrastructures from malicious activity
  • XenServer 7.0 with the NVIDIA TESLA M10 supports up to 128 NVIDIA GRID vGPU
  • XenServer Conversion Manager virtual appliance that can quickly convert hundreds of VMware vSphere virtual machines to XenServer format

Licensing for XenServer 7.0 remains the same as XenServer 6.5.

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