Citrix ShareFile Storage Center 1.1 released

ShareFile StorageZones gives IT departments the flexibility to choose between Citrix-managed, secure cloud storage or IT-managed StorageZones (on-premises) storage within your own datacenter. Storage Center 1.1 is a downloadable component which enables you to create and manage an on-premises StorageZone in your ShareFile Enterprise account.

What’s new

ShareFile Enterprise now includes these enhancements:

  • Easier configuration and improved support for troubleshooting installation issues. For the configuration of multiple Storage Centers in the same StorageZone, ShareFile now automatically sets up the Network Service user, IIS Account Pool user, and drive mapping. A new Monitoring tab on the Storage Center console provides status of Storage Center components to help with troubleshooting configuration issues. Status is provided for items such as access permissions, service status, and ShareFile connectivity.
  • Proxy server support. A new Networking tab on the Storage Center console enables you to specify a proxy server for your LAN. Basic and NTLM authentication are supported.
  • File recovery from a Storage Center backup. ShareFile now enables you to browse your StorageZone file records for a particular date and time and tag any files and folders that you want to restore. ShareFile adds the tagged items to a recovery queue, providing the information you need to restore the files from your Storage Center backup to the storage location.
  • Automated reconciliation between the ShareFile cloud and a StorageZone. A problem, such as a disk failure, that causes data loss in your local storage results in an inconsistent state between your local storage and the metadata stored in your account on the ShareFile cloud. You can automatically reconcile those differences so that files not in your StorageZone on a specified date are deleted from your ShareFile account.
  • High availability configuration of StorageZone Connectors. Set up high availability for a StorageZone Connector server by copying two files to one or more other servers.
  • Automated antivirus scans of uploaded files. Storage Center installation now includes the files needed to configure and schedule antivirus scans.
  • Simplified configuration
  • Detailed system status
  • Metadata archiving with file restore from on-prem backup
  • Disaster recovery reconciliation
  • Support for


Click here to download ShareFile Storage Center 1.1


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