Citrix unleashes Project Thor Tech Preview a XenApp connector for Microsoft SCCM 2012

The Project Thor Tech Preview enables administrators to orchestrate the tasks required to deliver applications both to end-users and XenApp Servers seamlessly with Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.  
Citrix Project Thor Tech Preview Architecture
With the Project Thor Connector, administrators can:

  • Extend the Configuration Manager 2012 user-centric and rules-based application delivery capabilities to deliver applications to users in the most appropriate manner for the device they are using: MSI, App-V, CAB, or XenApp
  • Orchestrate the process of deploying applications to XenApp servers, farms, and worker groups from within the Configuration Manager console, both directly, for traditionally managed farms, as well as for streamed farms when used in conjunction with Provisioning Services

What’s New

XenApp Connector for Configuration Manager 2012 (XenApp Connector) supports Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Configuration Manager) and includes the following new features:

  • Application deployment to virtually all devicesXenApp Connector extends the application deployment reach of Configuration Manager by enabling administrators to deliver applications to devices running Receiver for Windows and any device connected to a Receiver for Web site or a XenApp services site.
  • Custom XenApp deployment typeXenApp Connector adds the new XenApp deployment type to Configuration Manager. The XenApp deployment type defines how to deliver XenApp published applications to users managed by Configuration Manager.
  • Multiple XenApp farm supportXenApp Connector creates device collections in Configuration Manager for connected XenApp farms and worker groups.
  • Configuration Manager idle policy supportThe XenApp Agent service can use the Configuration Manager idle policy to coordinate the installation of software from XenApp servers. This feature replaces the functionality previously provided by task sequences.
  • Configuration wizard prerequisite checksThe wizard reports missing components needed to deploy XenApp Connector.
  • Integration with Citrix Provisioning ServerThis integration enables you to deploy XenApp applications to users running PVS-based shared images.
  • Improved high-availability configuration

  • XenApp Connector uses an active/passive model for high availability. This model requires fewer resources, running only one XenApp Connector at a time per farm.

Project Thor Technical Preview (XenApp Connector) extends the deployment capabilities of Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (Configuration Manager), delivering any application, to any user, on virtually any device.

XenApp Connector integration with Configuration Manager provides administrators with a single infrastructure and tool to manage all enterprise applications including on-demand XenApp applications. Use XenApp Connector with Configuration Manager to:

  • Deploy to XenApp servers, farms, and worker groups:
    • MSI-based applications
    • App-V sequences subsequently made available to users as XenApp published applications
    • XenApp published applications (using the XenApp deployment type that XenApp Connector adds to Configuration Manager, seamlessly extending the console)
  • Extend Configuration Manager’s rules-based delivery mechanism to choose the most appropriate deployment type based on the user’s environment.For example, an application might be best delivered as an MSI (installed locally) on a user’s primary device, but deployed virtually using the new XenApp deployment type to enable the same user to access the application from a non-Windows device such as an iPad.
  • Control how users access applications:
    • Configuration Manager Application Catalog
    • Citrix Receiver
    • Citrix Receiver for Web site or Citrix XenApp services site
  • Coordinate updates to XenApp vDisk imagesXenApp Connector fully integrates with Citrix Provisioning Services, allowing you to publish applications that are deployed to a base vDisk for a XenApp image.
  • Maintain high availabilityXenApp Connector uses the optional XenApp Power and Capacity Management Concentrator to manage the power states and load consolidation of XenApp servers when installing Configuration Manager applications or Windows Software Update Management (SUM) updates, with minimal disruption to user sessions.

The Project Thor Connector ensures high availability by optionally leveraging the Power and Capacity Management Concentrator to gracefully orchestrate the deployment of applications and software updates without any downtime for users.

The Thor Connector also enables user self-service access to applications delivered by XenApp from the Configuration Manager Application Catalog as well as Citrix Receiver.

In addition to these features Thor Technology Preview incorporates numerous improvements over the XenApp Connector for Configuration Manager 2007 R2, including:

  • Improved integration with Microsoft App-V 4.6
  • Numerous supportability improvements to improve overall administrator experience¬†
    • Extensive environment checks and diagnostics in the configuration setup wizard
    • Improved logging information using the SCCM standard trace formats (SMSTrace)¬†
    • Seamless propagation of remote exceptions into local log files

Click here to download Project Thor Tech Preview ( requires a valid )

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